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Provide for Trade and Industry , the satisfaction of desires , the orders of goods , handling and transportation.

Spare no effort to represent their clients before the Federal and State Offices with promptness , honesty and security.

Always stay attentive and solicitous to remove , transport and delivery of goods in Santos , São Paulo and throughout the Interior.

Keep a price list that does not express in their numbers , any competition that compromises the quality of its services , making it reasonable and consistent to the need to cover operational costs .

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Documents accompanying the clearance /Guidance on Registration Radar

a- import:
  • 1 - Import declaration
  • 2 - Original commercial invoice
  • 3 - Via original bill of lading - (Maritime - (B / L) - Air (AWB- via 2nd)
  • 4 - Paking List - Original
  • 5 - Insurance premium information when
  • 6 - Copy of the exchange contract
a- export:
  • 1 - Boarding instructions
  • 2 - Export registration
  • 3 - Commercial invoice
  • 4 - Output invoice - original copy
  • 5 - Assistance in the issue of certificates of origin



News We inform you that Decree No. 11,090 of June 7, 2022 was published on 06/08/2022, which amended art. 77, item II, of Decree No. 6,759, of February 5, 2009 (Customs Regulation), as follows:   “Art. 77 Art. 77. (…) II – expenses related to loading, unloading and handling, associated with the transport of imported goods, until arrival at the places referred to in item I, excluding expenses incurred in the national territory and separate from the transport cost; and …” (NR)   Art. 2 For the purposes of applying the provisions of item II of the caput of art. 77 of Decree No. 6,759, of 2009, only expenses incurred in the national territory from the entry into force of this Decree will be excluded, as provided for in Article 8 (2) of the Agreement on the Implementation of Article VII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Comércio 1994, enacted by Decree No. 1,355, of December 30, 1994.”   The change refers to the foreman, activity of moving goods in the facilities within the port, comprising receipt, checking, internal transport, opening of volumes for customs checking, handling, storage and delivery, as well as the loading and unloading of vessels .   With the publication of the Decree, the cost of foremanship in the national territory was excluded from the basis for calculating the customs value, for ships operating from the date of publication of Decree No. 11,090 of June 7, 2022.