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The Import Order is the tax procedure which is carried Customs Clearance, which met all the requirements promotes the delivery of the goods to the importer.

The Import Order should be started within the following deadlines:

Within 90 days of discharge, if the goods are bonded warehouse in the primary zone.

Within 45 days of running out the deadline to be held in bonded warehouse primary zone

Up to 90 days of mailbag opening.

Which is considered luggage all good new or used for personal use or consumption traveler, since in compatibility with the circumstances of your trip. It is also fit into this concept the use of goods and personal consumption for the professional activity of the traveler as well as housewares.

What is this concept excepted goods whose quantity, nature or variety importation or exportation for commercial or industrial purpose, and the following products:

Cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles with engine, rolling houses and other land automotive vehicles.

Aircraft, vessels of all kinds, jet skis and similar and ship engines.

Both Brazilians and foreign residents from abroad for a period longer than one (01) years, shall be entitled to tax exemption since brought as unaccompanied luggage, furniture and other household use goods, tools, machinery and tools required to carry of his profession, art or craft and works for it produced, as well as clothes and other toiletries articles of clothing and toiletries and shoes for the traveler’s use.

That are exempt from tax books, pamphlets and periodicals, clothes and other articles of clothing, toiletries and toilet, shoes for traveler’s own use in quantity and quality compatible with the duration and purpose of stay abroad.

The deadline for accompanied baggage claim is 30 days and unaccompanied baggage is 90 days from the passenger landing. That after these deadlines luggage is considered abandoned.