Documents accompanying the clearance /Guidance on Registration Radar

The Radar is available in 21/08/2002 for all Customs SRF units and is governed by specific Instruction. Enabling the RADAR matches the record that the person or company need to do to import or export, through the registration of a legal guardian before the INTERNAL REVENUE SISCOMEX, aiming to provide information to Customs nature, accounting and tax, allowing the supervision identify the behavior and infer the risk profile of the agents related to foreign trade. Except in specific cases legal dispensation, enabling INDIVIDUALS may be required by self-interest, even when the individual is classified as a farmer, craftsman, artist or similar for conducting foreign trade operations concerning the pursuit of their professional activities for their own use and consumption or for their personal collections. The individual entrepreneur and microenterprise (MEI) can enable the RADAR as a legal entity. For ENTITY, currently, there are three submodalities clearance, we highlight the main features: EXPRESS (export values without limit) LIMITED (imported values limit) or UNLIMITED (import the sum of the values of more than US $ 150,000.00 ). Thus, Permar is able to teach effectively, speed and professionalism all interested in starting the import and export operations, advising them as the adequacy of the ideal qualification mode, necessary documentation, digital certification and all other digital records required by law, following the whole process until its approval. We provide advice including requests to review financial capacity to change the enabling mode in RADAR, replacement of legal guardian and register of customs brokers to operate in SISCOMEX.

  • 1 - Import declaration
  • 2 - Original commercial invoice
  • 3 - Via original bill of lading - (Maritime - (B / L) - Air (AWB- via 2nd)
  • 4 - Paking List - Original
  • 5 - Insurance premium information when
  • 6 - Copy of the exchange contract
DOC-exportacao exportação
  • 1 - Boarding instructions
  • 2 - Export registration
  • 3 - Commercial invoice
  • 4 - Output invoice - original copy
  • 5 - Assistance in the issue of certificates of origin