Commissioner Foreign Trade LTD.

Founded in 1989, Permar is a company specialized in clearance of imported goods, exported, and unattended passenger luggage. Knowledgeable deep customs legislation, has been promoting over the years to its clients services with total efficiency, speed and honesty.

With frank and objective language, demand for the provision of its services keep their customers informed and updated not only with clearance of their goods, but also with the amendments to the Customs Law. For this, it kept him on staff, specialized and Customs Brokers officials accredited by the Government, duly authorized with the Federal Revenue and signature with the leading journals of the country, customs tariff and the latest computer equipment. Network throughout the country with Customs through the SISCOMEX, and other segments such as banks,-terminus load s, National Superintendency of the Merchant Marine (SUNAMAM), Maritime Agencies, State and municipalities to Permar is able at any time to atendercom secu rity and speed your customers.



Our timeline
1989 Foundation
Ricardo Pereira Martins, acting as an employee since 1971 in the customs field, confident, prepared and confident he could open his own company in 13/1/1989 started its activities as Commissioner of Customs Clearance of Commerce, adopting a social reason to join surname Pereira Martins, founded PERMAR COMMISSIONER OF FOREIGN TRADE LTD.
1998 Service Expansion
Promoting efficient work in meeting the wishes of the customers acquired over the years, we expanded our business partnerships adding in shipping segments, air, road and cargo terminals in primary and secondary zones.
2003 Certification
We obtained SEBRAE Certification, attesting to the quality of our services.
2015 Acquisition of own office
Business Tribune Square Centre - We earn our own headquarters in a strategic location, near the port, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Finance, City Hall and maritime agencies. modern building, equipped with advanced and high quality standard technology in their facilities.

Always looking for the quality of its services attended and completed the Total Quality program SEBRAE receiving the certification of that organ . Lately , together with the globalization of markets added partnerships with companies in international logistics offering well beyond the customs clearance, sea and air international freight to various continents and road transport with all the guarantees required by the market . To prevent any failure to execute the services, Permar created a WORK STRATEGIC PLAN numbering all shipping segments . In 38 items strategically selected , allows you to make perfect check the actual position of clearance from the board to completion , allowing anyone in the company to give information on the progress and the elimination of errors.